Data Mining & Big Data Analytics

Data mining is part of the knowledge discovery process that offers a new way to look at data. At STC, we offer analytics services to researchers and corporates representing various industries including automotive manufacturing, financial, medical device pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing & patient.

We plan your research with utmost Care & Diligence Development of data mining algorithms for Big Data, Text, & Image data

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

Our domain-specific knowledge at STC is aware of the various granularity levels of big data integration that can be finished in order to produce the whole picture. The StatsWork team develops the basic framework for analytics and data visualisation in order to examine particular kinds of patterns and trends. The outcome of this research would be used by the algorithms created to identify the ideal parameters for building mining models. Our team of statisticians then employs these criteria over the whole data set to derive useful patterns and thorough statistics (e.g. a set of clusters, a decision tree, a mathematical model, a set of rules that describes how products are grouped).

Our Statistical Services

We offer end-to-end Research planning services

Multiple Regression Analysis

SEM using AMOS

Discriminant Function Analysis Services

PLS Regression Analysis Services

Factor Analysis

Pooled Times series Interpretation

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