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Our Statistician

The Science and Technology Advisory Team is made up of Ph.D. students and Masters’s graduates in Statistics and Biostatistics. The team is led by researchers from Harvard and Alabama. Our team also has experience and skills in business, economic and financial statistics, production statistics, epidemiology, public health, biostatistics, research methodology and study design expertise, subject matter expertise and editorial expertise. Our research professionals have extensive experience and deep statistical knowledge, including the interpretation of statistical reports. Our team is trained in a variety of areas including sampling, sample size calculation, data processing, data preparation and planning for statistical development.

Our Quality

We offer a three-step quality review process. Expertise After receiving the statistical report from the statistician, the first stage sends the report to a domain-specific expert who cross-checks the language (subject-specific) and writing style used, and cross-checks the statistical report. This includes tables and figures from previously conducted studies. This process ensures that reports are consistent with published research conducted in specific domain areas.  

Quality check

At this stage, our quality review team compares the report with the client’s requirements. 1) Grammar and spelling errors 2) Table and figure formatting 3) Table and figure names 4) Interpretation of results 5) Headings and tables of contents 6) Specific styles to follow (e.g. APA) 7) Customers including specific instructions request.

Quality Management

During this phase, the quality assurance team performs the above quality checks using checklists and style sheets. The final statistical report is checked for plagiarism and, if necessary, revised incrementally by technical experts and statisticians. After final checking, the report is delivered to the customer via email or CRM. 

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